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Of Coasterrider website and Coasterr1dd3n application

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Website: Coasterrider's main page ( with articles and publications related to the entertainment field as its main subjects.

Application: subsidiary website called Coasterr1dd3n ( in a "Progressive Web App" format and having as main subject the recording of roller coaster rides in the profile of a registered user.

Visitor: natural person visiting the website and/or the application without being identified on the Coasterr1dd3n application.

User: natural person visiting the site and/or application while being identified on the Coasterr1dd3n application.

Data processing

Contact forms

The information collected on the contact form is not recorded in a computerized file or database.

The data collected will be communicated to the e-mail address of the Coasterrider team: . It enables the team to respond to the visitor's requests and will not be transmitted to third parties under any circumstances.

Coasterr1dd3n's registration form

The information collected on the registration form is stored in a database.

The e-mail address and a username are mandatory for identification and security of the user's account.

A valid e-mail address is required for the user to receive a temporary password that allows him/her to access his/her account on the application. The user will then be able to modify the temporary password received by e-mail by the one (s)he wants in the parameters once (s)he connects to the application.

The data collected allows the user to identify himself/herself on the application and use it fully. They will not be transmitted to third parties under any circumstances.

Optional data on Coasterr1dd3n

The user can, if (s)he wishes, enter his/her date of birth, country of residence, gender, favorite park, favorite roller coaster and upload a profile picture in the account settings.

These data are not mandatory to provide and do not impact in any way the use of the application. They are only used for registration statistics on the application and allows the user to share his/her personal tastes with the website visitors.


The location request is not required to search through the interactive map.

By accepting the location request, the geolocation data from the visitor's device is transmitted to the application to display the visitor's precise position on the interactive map as well as the roller coasters located around the visitor within a 100 km radius.

The visitor's location data is not stored in the database or a computerized file. It is therefore impossible to trace the visitor's geolocation or collect a positioning history.

Data visibility

Personal data such as email address and password aren't visible for other visitors of the application and can't be searched.

Only the logged user can access his/her email address filled when registering to the application and update it in the account settings.

The user nickname is visible for everyone on the application and can be searched.

Sensitive information such as the password is encrypted in the database and is unusable outside the authentication system of Coasterr1dd3n.

The user can't retrieve his/her password because of the encryption of this one in the database.

Optional data like country of residence and birthdate aren't displayed to other visitors.

Optional data like user's favorite park and favorite roller coaster are displayed to other visitors on the public profile.

The website team can have access to the data collected during registration except for sensitive information such as the password.

The website team may have to modify the information collected if a user forgets his/her identifiers.

Data storage

Any account that has been inactive for 36 months on the application will be archived along with the related data.

The archived account and data will no longer be visible nor used in the application.

The user can request the reactivation of an archived account or the deletion of the account and related data by contacting the website team directly: .


The website as well as the application Coasterr1dd3n use cookies that identify a user when (s)he is connected.

No cookies are used if the user does not connect to the application Coasterr1dd3n.

By logging in, the user consents to the application to read or write cookies that allow the user to connect to the application and identify him/her.

The information stored in these cookies are unique login identifiers and are unusable outside the Coasterrider and Coasterr1dd3n servers.

Cookies are not used to track the visitor, nor are they used for ad targeting, nor are they usable outside Coasterrider and Coasterr1dd3n.

Cookies lifetime

User identification cookies expire after 15 days if the user does not use the application during this period. The information stored in these cookies becomes are void and the cookies are deleted.

After this period, the user will have to re-authenticate himself/herself with his/her username/e-mail address and password if (s)he wishes to use the application again.

Your rights

At any time, you can access your personal data, rectify them, or request their deletion via your account settings.

Consult the website for more information on your rights.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data or to exercise your rights, you can contact the team at any time:

If you feel, after contacting us, that your "Information Technology and Freedom" rights are not being respected, you can make a complaint to the CNIL.

Responsible for data processing

Contact e-mail: Find the legal notice and information related to cookies on the dedicated page.